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Was it like this when you were little Dr. Babich?

Your too young to remember, but for some of us all of this has happened quickly. There were some early reports of course, but things reached a critical mass in the early 90’s. Children were coming of age and manifesting amazing powers, much as you did not so long ago. At first there was a sense of optimism, a golden age, scientists declared it “an unforseen evolutionary leap”. The concensus was certain family lines had reached a perfect storm of genetic variation. Hoooo! That theory did not resonate with the purebred rich Wasp’s that held sway over politics and industry! This is also why America has such a high occurence rate you know.

Teach, why do they hate us?

On September 11th of 2001 some very confused and angry men and women hurt alot of people. You could see fire in the sky from here. Later a group that used to call itself Neohelix claimed resposibility for the killings. 790,000 Americans dead. We still haven’t felt all of the consequences of that day. After that the amount of fear was palpable, all the optimism and daydreaming about how these powers could improve the lives of so many turned darker.

Why don’t we just make them let us be free?

Your not the first to ask that question young lady. Many have tried, but that can never work. Even when evolution was encouraged America had less than a twenty percent occurence rate. There are so many of them, and so few of us are useful in a fight. It nearly happened once though. When you were very young, some of you may still remember it, our people held the White House for twelve days (That’s where President Baines lives). They demanded the killings and abductions stop, they made many demands the point, and the answer, is you can’t use violence to convince people you not a threat. That was their mistake my dear.

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