Jonah Santos


Tissue Regeneration/Healing

How old were you when you came to Boxtown? What were the circumstances?
I came to Boxtown first seven years ago when I was seven years old. Father Umpala brought me there to help the denizens and cure the sick. Boxtown has become a frequent haunt of Jonah since then, usually on his daily “rounds.”

Have you ever taken another life? If so, elaborate.
Yes I have “killed” many evil spirits living within the souls of the afflicted lambs of God. According to the dogma of the church killing can be either righteous or unrighteous. As a base rule, though, innocent or enemy, killing is the last resort. Reform first.

Do you steal? If so, what are your limitations? survival/luxury
I would only steal as a last resort. I would exhaust any other means possible. My “gift” has usually afforded me free meals and handouts from gratuitousness.

What was your closest call with the authorities? How did you escape?
I was once pinned in a homeless shelter where I was ministering when the police raided the building on an anonymous tip off; most likely it was a homeless man who desired the reward. Two other mutants where taken away, never to be seen again. I escaped by jumping out of the third floor window and limping to the church.

How secretive are you with the use of your powers?
I often use my powers with the public, never with an audience, though. My powers are almost always seen as a religious miracle, though, as my patients are almost always impoverished and looking for “divine intervention.” I am what my patients see me as, according to the eye of the beholder: a saint, an angel, a layer of hands, a sin eater, exorcist, shaman, prophet, etc.

Jonah is a friend to Boxtown. Raised by Father Umpala and Cardinal Aleesi at Our Lady of Divine Mercy, Jonah has had few friends in his short life. With his metabolism sleep isn’t nescessary which has led to a close friendship between him and the often nocturnal Cub. If he’s not freerunning with Cub he can usually be found at Barton St Mission serving the destitute and homeless.

**Childhood: *
Jonah was born to Filipino Spanish speaking parents in Latin City in a Shitty Bungalow on Gate’s Ave. Jonah’s parents were illegal immigrants. His father, Juan-Luco worked as a dock worker for Iron Curtain Imports in Moscow West for the Lubyanka Crime Family, who smuggled weapons into rebellious Chechnya. Eventually, he saw to much and as an illegal was more than conveniently expendable. Jonah’s Mother Maria became deeply depressed by her husband’s disappearance, and decided to end both her’s and Jonah’s lives as she could not provide for her family. She ran a pipe from the car’s exhaust into the cabin and parked near Our Lady of Divine Mercy, where she had just received confession. Later that Evening Father Umpala was walking back from the local soup kitchen and happened upon the Santos vehicle. Inside he discovered the dead mother and an unharmed five year old Jonah trying to wake his mother. Father Santos hid Jonah in the sanctuary and called the police regarding a deceased Jane Doe.
Father Umpala saw a miracle in Jonah and immediately brought him to cardinal Aleesi, Arch D iocese of Hudson City. Cardinal Aleesi arranged for Jonah’s upbringing in secret at the local Cistercian Monastary, whose monks have taken an unbreakable vow of silence. Jonah was tutored by personally by Father Umpala, who was Monsignor Of the local Jesuit Order, a physician, and talented linguist. He taught Jonah everything.

  • Adolescence*
    Today as a young adolescent (14 years old) Jonah is usually seen wandering around town, often with Father Umpala or Cub. He is often found at the local hospitals ministering to the afflicted, or at the soup kitchens and halfway houses easing the pain of reformees. Jonah’s linguistic prowess and good education make him blend very easily in society, yet

Jonah Santos

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