Eddie "Frosty" Malinowski

You know that guy that you wouldnt wanna meet in a dark alley..... this guy is way worse!


How old were you when you came to Boxtown? What were the circumstances?
“Little Eddie" Malinowski or “Frosty” as the gang calls him was born 17 years ago in the back of a shitty clubhouse. Stale beer and smoke were the first smells to welcome him into this nightmare life and pain would be his daily ritual. “Big Eddie” fathered him but making the initial donation was all he could be bothered with till Frost hit puberty and everything began to change. Been layin low at Dino’s for about four months now.

Have you ever taken another life? If so, elaborate.
Yes…. I am the enforcer for the Satanic Skulls MC and until there is a better way this is the only way.

Do you steal? If so, what are your limitations? survival/luxury
please refer to the rap sheet… the cops will gladly share a copy

What was your closest call with the authorities? How did you escape?
Fuckin Killers thought they could pick on us at the local bar, Hog Heaven, there were only 4 of us, I was 14. it was my birthday and i was gettin drunk or so i was informed. 6 Killers rolled in and started thrashing us and i was all but dead when my powers manafested. I killed 1 and put the other 5 in ICU for weeks. The cops frown on this. I resisted arrest . . . hard. After breakin the first coupla blues that showed up I got on my bike and got free and I plan on stayin that way.

How secretive are you with the use of your powers?
I dont have flashy powers. When its time to fight, i fight full out. My powers keep me and others alive so i use them. My powers will be hidden when I’m dead.


Big… just big… oh yeah and mean… like the kind of mean where his mom fed him with a sling shot. Not that growing up in a gang is easy but the violence in Frost’s life never takes a day off. Being the son of Big Eddie Malinowski, the leader of the Satanic Skulls chapter here, has lead to a youth filled with death and hospital trips. School was not even an option. “The Man will keep track of you if you are in school” was the only answer to why he never went. Truth is rival gangs would not skip the opportunity to kill Frost the second he was alone.
Ok, so growing up was hard. Yeah and money was scarce.. at least for me. All of that changed on my 14th birthday. The guys decided to the club to get me drunk and laid. Nice gift i know…. but still, gang life is different, all im saying. Well half way through the getting drunk part a pack of Killers MC roll into the bar looking for trouble. The 6 of them were whooping the 4 of us pretty good then it got worse. One of them pulled a gun after getting hit with a bottle and shot Johnny in the face then turned the gun on me. I closed my eyes and my blood ran cold. I heard the shot and felt a thump on my chest. Guessing thats what a being shot felt like with shock i looked down and saw… ice. I was covered with ice. 6 more shots chipped at the ice before i could react.
Well after that I became the enforcer for the Skulls. I carved out a piece of Franklin County for the Skulls and killed or hospitalized any other gangs on our turf. And there was the Law….. They didnt take kindly to me killing that man when I was 14.. or putting the other 5 in the hospital… for months; but they let me go.. “self-defense” and all. But now I was full on their radar and had more then a few smashed squad cars and K.O.ed officers to answer for. NO, I have never killed a cop, but a lippy cop is a knocked out cop. Growing up gang you learn that respect is all that matters…. Now it’s the only thing I want.

Eddie "Frosty" Malinowski

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