Darius "X" Ecks


How old were you when you came to Boxtown? What were the circumstances?
I was about 8 years old when I came to Boxtown. My mother was a scientist for the government that helped register and suppress mutants. She has been hiding me through a combination of drugs and the chip, but when she found she was terminally ill knew that I would be discovered. She entrusted me to be hidden in Boxtown by Babich.

Have you ever taken another life? If so, elaborate.
I have never needed to take another life because I am generally well liked and my powers are strong enough to suppress most threats non lethally.

Do you steal? If so, what are your limitations? survival/luxury
I don’t steal but again this is because I generally don’t need to. I would steal if it meant helping a friend survive (Insulin for a diabetic).

What was your closest call with the authorities? How did you escape?
Being that I am chipped and spend a lot of time outside of Boxtown I have close calls often. Sometime clubs I perform at are raided, sometimes friends in Latin or Freetown get harassed by the cops, and often I am on of the last to leave Boxtown when it is raided so that younger kids can get away. I trust in my free running, friends, and powers to keep me safe.

How secretive are you with the use of your powers?
I don’t use my powers to often as they cause excruciating pain and sustained use can actually kill me. That being said a bullet to the head will kill me faster so I have used them to escape and occasionally defend myself. I show restraint even when I use them. It much less painful and draws less attention if I leap away than if I attempt to crush them like overripe fruit. My restraint means I am not really certain what I am capable of on a brute force level, but I have learned a lot of interesting uses for my powers.


Appearance: Darius is 5’10" 165 lbs. He is considered to be extremely good looking, but part of the appeal is his exotic appearance and voice which make him more memorable than most. He appears to me of mixed race having almond shaped bright green eyes that stand in contrast to his light mocha skin and short cropped curly black hair. He dresses in cyber gothic fashions for his shows, and a simple green hoodie with a bright orange X and jeans most other times.
Personality: Darius is a confident 15 year old who seems at ease no matter what group he finds himself in. He seems to enjoy the attention and freedom his musical talent afford, but is protective of the life and friends he has built in Boxtown. He is quick to defuse aggressive situations if he can, but isn’t above throwing around threats if violence seems to be coming. He wouldn’t threaten to shoot you like a lot of others, but he might tell someone important to you or point out the delicate balance two street gangs are in at the moment.
Motivations and History: Darius wants to change the way the city has become. He genuinely loves this town. He knows that most of these neighborhoods could achieve much more if they put their resources and time into improving their homes. He believe mutants can earn a place in this world if they can eradicate the fear that has been indoctrinated by the media and government. He does his best to help those who can’t help themselves. He would do about anything for a friend in need though. He has been friends with fellow musicians Santos and Marley for a longtime now. His relationship of two years with Marley ended a few weeks ago, but neither party is talking about it right now. He is also quite close to Cub and the other freerunners.
Darius is the front man of the locally famous band X-Ray Deus (pronounced X Radius)and everyone calls him X a play on his last name.

Darius "X" Ecks

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