How old were you when you came to Boxtown? What were the circumstances?
The boy known as Cub arrived in Boxtown over a decade ago at the age of 3 or so. He appeared to have been abandoned by those who cared for him and had learned to live as a feral animal in the sewers and alleys. He killed a rotwiller mastiff over the scraps of a bucket of chicken at the age of 3. Most gave the “wild thing” a wide berth after that.

Have you ever taken another life? If so, elaborate.
Cub has never taken another life although he has viciously wounded a few who have been in his way before. Dr. Leonid “Teach” Babich has had tremendous influence over Cub and fortunately has instilled the belief in him that murder is not worth the hassle it brings, legal and otherwise.

Do you steal? If so, what are your limitations? survival/luxury
Taking something from those that can’t afford to be without it is wrong. Cub believes that many can afford to do with a little less especially if Cub himself is in need of necessities.

What was your closest call with the authorities? How did you escape?
Cub has always managed to keep a low profile and not be thought of as more than a shadow until recently. Authorities were relatively unaware of him. Now that he has begun spending time with the Emerald Doors the Hudson City Police Department Organized Crime has become aware of him although they have no concrete information on Cub. He is a person of interest in several petty crimes.

How secretive are you with the use of your powers?
Most of his powers are not readily visible and Cub manages to keep them to himself most of the time. He continuously wears sunglasses and gloves,as well as keeping his hood up to conceal his bestial appearance. Cub is aware of the feelings of the world at large towards mutants and genuinely fears for mutants.


Cub is a boy of twelve years old nearing his thirteenth birthday. He stands just under five feet tall and is thin without being scrawny. His wild black hair is typically left unattended on the top of his head an his long black nails are quite alarming. Cub is quite vengeful after the apparent death of Niko and blames Assim and Chuco for her death. Cub wonders why they still live and she doesn’t since he would have gladly given his life defending her.


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