Remember . . .

~ Assim, Chuco and Spider robbed a Nubian stash house; which resulted in a well televised car chase and nine dead Nubians.

~ Ookiepig and Rainman (recently paroled) captured Oscar, who is using again, and threatened him outside of Boxtown. Boxtown threw an El train at them, resulting in the deaths of 18 more Nubians and additional news coverage.

~ Boxtown elders decide to lay low and evacuate, Cub finds Niko’s cousin watching the fallout from the showdown with Ookiepig and Rainman. Invites him to meet the others.

~ Frost and Jonah use their contacts to get rid of the stolen drugs, exchanging them for guns and money.

~ Boxtown is broken up into small groups and hidden around the southside with sympathizers.

~ Cub confronts Assim about Niko’s capture, discovers no one actually saw her taken.

~ Cub and Spider break into the Le Mastre Park Police Station, found a heavily modified Ajax suit in the armory and recovered police encryption codes.

~ Convinced Bobby Redblood to use his powers again. Bobby broke into police computers discovered Longview Correctional has 112 mutant inmates on file but logistically they can’t be caring for more than 20. Hacked street cameras show patrolman switching Niko into a white workvan.

~ Frost’s contact in records at HCPD linked the van to a warehouse on Macon Ave.

~ A brief surveillance and a violent interrogation of the warehouse workers tied the warehouse to a human trafficker named Andreiev Kirilenko. 2 workers dead 4 wounded.

~ While out trying to find out about Kirilenko, X encounters an attractive but deranged homeless woman. The woman frantically claimed aliens abducted and impregnated her then stole her baby. She also claims she can show him their lab, X follows her to a vet’s office around the corner. After breaking in X discovers extensive geneaology files on weather control and resilience bloodlines. He also steals a considerable amount of antibiotics and painkillers.

~ After being turned away from Kirilenko’s uptown sex club Satin Angels the Boxtown Kids are contacted by K&M Securities.

~ Niko’s cousin is caught photographing the geneaology files. Explains he wants to give them to the papers.

~ Thomas McBryde of K&M reveals that his partner Koslov has a deep seated and personal need to murder Kirilenko. The Boxtown Kids agree to trade Kirilenko for detailed plans to break through his many layers of paranoid security.

~ The Boxtown Kids drag the paraplegic Kirilenko out of his penthouse saferoom. 2 mutant bodyguards killed.



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