Jonah's Diary

-Midnight January 17

I can’t believe the direction Boxtown has turned. Perhaps for this is all for the better. In the meantime, though, we have made some terrible enemies. The Nubians have been thwarted . . . for now, but they are the least of our troubles. The black hats and blues have declared a curfew – martial law after 8:00 p.m. I haven’t seen the newscasts, but no doubt they have seen some of our faces. Niko has gone missing; I worry for her. With no record of her arrest there is no telling to what ends her powers will be exploited. Who has her? -the black hats? -the blues? -the Russians?
-mutant slave traffickers? One thing is for certain, alas, she must be found, and soon! Cardinal Aleesi is working to find housing for the young ones displaced by the fighting – I fear for their safety. In the mean time we must prevent more death and destruction in the ’hood, and lay low.



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